Individuals participate in this ministry assisting the presider in preparing the altar for weekend Liturgies including preparing the wine, hosts and vessels for use during Communion, lighting candles and preparing supplies when Baptisms are celebrated.

After the Liturgy, they tend to the care of the various items used at the Liturgy. Training is provided.

Time Commitment: Coordinator — One hour per quarter  | Volunteer — One Mass per month.



The Lector Ministry offers the privilege of proclaiming the Word of God as an essential part of the Liturgy, sharing in a sacred process in the life of the Church. God speaks to His people through the Sacred Scriptures providing spiritual nourishment, drawing everyone into a closer union with Christ. Our mission is to enhance the spiritual experience through well-prepared Lector Ministers dedicated to presenting the Scriptures reverently and sincerely.

Time Commitment: Coordinator — One hour per quarter | VolunteersTwo Masses per quarter 



All boys and girls in Grades 5 and above are invited to join our Mass Servers. Tasks include assisting the presider in various rituals performed during a weekend Mass. Training is provided. 

Time Commitment: Coordinator — One hour per quarter | Volunteers — Two Masses per month


Eucharistic Ministers

Our need for Eucharistic Ministers of Holy Communion (EMOCH) continues to grow as St. Victoria grows. Eucharistic Ministers assist the presider in distributing the Eucharist during Mass. Training is provided.

Time Commitment: Coordinator — Two hours per year for training | Volunteer — 10 Minutes at assigned Mass once or twice a month



Individuals and families are invited to participate as greeter/ushers. Tasks include greeting people as they enter church, handing out hymnals and bulletins, locating seats as needed, taking up the collection and helping to clean up after Mass. This is a great ministry for families and a wonderful way to meet people. Training is provided.

Time Commitment: Coordinator — One hour per quarter | Volunteers — One Mass per month


Team Isaiah

Individuals and families are invited to participate in this ministry that takes place on the first full weekend each month. Tasks include welcoming people as they come into church and giving them a name tag. It’s a simple ministry, but an important one allowing us to call one another by name and helps us get to know one another so we can truly feel more like a parish family. Training is provided.

Time Commitment: Coordinator —One hour per quarter | Volunteers 20 minutes every three tofour months


Sound Ministry

Individuals are invited to participate with tasks including operating the sound board at weekend Liturgies, assuring that the sound quality from microphones, CDs and videos is pleasing to all parishioners. Previous experience is not necessary, training will be provided.

Time Commitment: Coordinator — One hour per quarter | Volunteers — Two Masses per month



Eucharistic Adoration

This is a special quiet time of prayer and reflection every Thursday in the Historic Church from 8:30 a.m. (after 8 a.m. Mass) to 8 p.m. It’s a time to get away from the busy activities of our day and spend time with our Savior. Perhaps call a friend and begin a prayer partnership to share the presence of our Lord together.

Time Commitment: Coordinator — One hours per month | Volunteers — 30 minutes every Thursday

Focus Groups

Focus groups are small and informal gatherings of eight to 12 people who meet regularly in fellowship with other Christians to share faith experiences through conversation, Scripture and prayer. Everyone is welcome to join a group at a convenient time and place.

Time Commitment: Volunteers: 60 to 90 minutes per week

Whole Hearted Living

Whole Hearted Living groups offer women a facilitated faith sharing format that includes: prayer, exploring relevant topics, sharing insights and understandings, all within a safe environment.


Time Commitment: Volunteers: 60 to 90 minutes per week

Summer Friday Masses

We gather every Friday during the summer months for an outdoor Mass, extending a spirit of welcome and hospitality to all who come. Volunteer opportunities include coordinating Masses (Memorial Day to Labor Day), hosting a Mass while providing light refreshments for fellowship after Mass.

Time Commitment: Coordinator — three hours per month during the summer | Host — Two hours once during the summer


Bavarian Dinners

Bavarian dinners offer a chance for new and veteran parishioners to join Fr. Bob for a fun dinner at his home. The volunteer opportunities include coordinating a schedule or serving on a “catering chef” team.


Time Commitment: Coordinator — 12 hours per year | Chefs — 4 hours once per year

Faith Formation Event Hospitality

Provide desserts or small meals for Faith Formation events throughout the school year.

Time Commitment: 2 hours per quarter

Funeral Hospitality

This ministry offers the caring presence of our community by providing a meal for family and friends following the Funeral Liturgy of a loved one. If you would like to be on a calling list to help serve luncheons or donate food (salad, bars and cookies), please call the coordinator. Food can be dropped off the morning of a funeral.

Time Commitment: Coordinators — five hours per funeral on rotation | Volunteers — four hours per funeral

Wedding Coordinators

Volunteers work with engaged couples helping them prepare for their wedding ceremony. The commitment is approximately six hours for each wedding and, if you prefer, you can be paired with another coordinator. Training is provided.

Time Commitment: 20 hours per year based on the number of weddings

Mentor Couples

This ministry pairs a married couple from our parish with an engaged couple helping them prepare for marriage by sharing their own experiences and providing guid- ance and discernment tools. Training is provided.

Time Commitment: 10 to 12 hours per year

Baptism Mentors

You’ll attend a Baptism with a family and stay in touch for one year providing spiritual support and guidance.

Time Commitment: 1 hour per month

Warm Your Whistle

Everyone attending Mass on Friday mornings Labor Day through Memorial Day is invited to stay for conversation, coffee and donut holes.

Time Commitment: Coordinator — One hour per month Volunteers — 15 minutes per week on rotation

Donut Hole Sunday

Serve coffee, juice, donut holes and smiles after Sunday Liturgies November through May. A great one-time volunteer opportunity for families. Choose the Mass that fits your schedule.

Time Commitment: Coordinator — One hour per week | Volunteers — 35 minutes per Mass

Lemonade Sundays

Lemonade Sundays are enjoyed after Sunday Liturgies from Memorial Day through Labor Day, providing a cool drink and an opportunity to meet with friends and neighbors. You choose a convenient Sunday to serve lemonade. Great for families!


Time Commitment: Coordinator — Two hours per month Volunteers — 35 minutes per Mass Contact: 8:45 a.m.


Bien Venidos “Good Welcome”

If making newcomers feel ‘”welcome” at St. Victoria is important to you, then the Bien Venidos Ministry, our new parishioner registration, is looking for you. Welcome Sponsors are current parishioners who greet new parishioners as they come into the parish office to register, getting to know them and walking them through a Welcome Packet with information about our parish. Registrations are typically held on Wednesday evenings and Saturday mornings.

Time Commitment: Coordinator — Two hours per year | Volunteers — 8 to 10 hours per year

Home Improvement Club

Home Improvement Club meets in the spring and fall to care for our parish home sprucing up the grounds, doing extra cleaning around the church and keeping everything looking great. The Home Improvement Club would like to create a roster of trades people — electricians, plumbers, carpenters and others — who would like to lend a hand with small projects.

Time Commitment: Volunteers — Six hours per year


BUNCO! is a great game bringing women together for food, fellowship and fun. All St. Victoria women whether new or long-time players, married or single are welcome.

Time Commitment: Coordinators — Two hours quarterly | Volunteers — 8 to 10 hours per year

Sunset Fest

Sunset Fest is a late summer celebration for the parish and entire community focusing on worship, music, fun and food. Volunteer activities include event coordina- tion, set-up and clean-up, food catering, beverages, games and entertainment. This is perhaps the most labor-intensive activity at St. Victoria. It is also the time when the most members of our parish family gather together for worship, fellowship and fun.

Time Commitment: Event Coordinators — 14 hours per year | Event Volunteers — One-plus hours depending

Sharing Our Kitchen Supplies (SOKS)

The SOKS ministry, organizes and tracks inventories of supplies used by all parish ministries. You are asked to organize the storage area.

Time Commitment: Coordinator — Two hours per month | Volunteers —Two hours per month or as needed per coordinator

St. Victoria Crossing

Share your creativity by making mosaic-tile crosses as gifts for new members and newlywed couples. This ministry meets once or twice a year as needed.

Time Commitment: Coordinator — Two hours per month | Volunteers — One hour as needed once or twice a year


Families Moving Forward

A new ministry for St. Victoria, Families Moving Forward, offers hospitality to families experiencing homelessness. While we are not a host church, our volunteer teams support area churches (St. Hubert, St. John Lutheran and Shepherd on the Hill) providing meals and fellowship to families working toward finding a home and greater stability.

Time Commitment: Coordinator — Six hours per quarter | Volunteers — Two hours per session

Love INC (Love In the Name of Christ):

Love INC is a partnership of local faith communities with Eastern Carver County. Working together, volunteers serve people in need with a wide array of services on an as-needed basis. Additionally, St. Victoria continues its “Clean Sweep” Ministry providing household cleaning supplies to families in need. Product and cash donations are always welcome.

Time Commitment: Coordinator — Three hours per week | Volunteers — One hour weekly to bag and two hours weekly to deliver

Simpson Housing Project:

Help prepare and serve a meal or donate a dessert for homeless men and women at the shelter in Minneapolis every eight to 12 weeks.

Time Commitment: Coordinator — Five hours every three months plus volunteer time | Volunteers — Three hours every three months plus drive time

Sharing and Caring Hands:

Support the efforts of Mary Jo Copeland and her volunteer network by serving food to the homeless at her shelter in Minneapolis on the third Monday of the month.

Time Commitment: Volunteers — Two hours per month plus driving time

Launch Ministry:

Launch is a faith-based, non-profit organization in Chaska supporting young people, ages 18 to 29, who are searching for their place in today’s world to help them transition into productive adulthood. St. Victoria volunteers provide meal options to Launch Ministry every six weeks. One option is a hot meal with our volunteers serving the food and staying with the youth in fellowship through dinner. The other option is to drop off frozen meals every six weeks.

Time Commitment: Coordinator — Five hours per month | Volunteers — Three to five hours per year

Giving Tree

Faith Formation, along with the Parish Family, partici- pate in this annual holiday event donating gifts, money and other items to aid the CAP Agency in Shakopee and Trinity Mission in St. Paul providing for individuals and families in need. Tags are made and distributed after Masses and when gifts are returned, they are bagged and delivered to the agencies.

Time Commitment: Volunteers — One hour per year

Bereavement Ministry

This ministry brings a caring presence to parishioners who are grieving the loss of a significant person in their lives. Caring, quiet listening and support are all that is needed. Training is provided.

Time Commitment: Coordinator — Two hours monthly Volunteers — One hour monthly or as needed

Communion Home Visits

Weekly, teams bring Communion and friendship to individuals in care centers or at home due to illness, surgery or other issues.

Time Commitment: Coordinator —20 minutes weekly; 2 hours quarterly | Volunteers — Two hours per week on a monthly rotation

Good Samaritan Liturgy:

Fr. Bob and volunteers joining him celebrate Mass for residents at Good Samaritan Nursing Home in Waconia on the second Wednesday each month. Mass is followed by time for fellowship (with treats).


Time Commitment: Volunteers — 45 minutes for Mass plus social time and drive time.)

Chaska Heights Liturgy

Deacon Ray and volunteers who join him offer a Community Service for residents of Chaska Heights Senior Living Center in Chaska on the third Wednesday of each month.

Time Commitment: Volunteers — 30 minutes per visit Contact

Bright Beginnings

This ministry provides loving support to an area pregnancy center by sponsoring two fundraisers each year, collecting coins in baby bottles to celebrate Respect Life and hosting a baby shower to gather supplies for families in need. We also offer time at the center for short periods to help organize or distribute supplies to families.

Time Commitment: Coordinator — 10 hours per year | Volunteers — 4 hours per year

Rosary Ministry

A group of parishioners meet at the church at 9 a.m. on the first and third Wednesday each month and go to Good Samaritan Nursing Home in Waconia and gather the Catholic residents together to pray the Rosary, followed by a social time. More volunteers are welcome.

Prayer Line

Whenever special prayers are needed for particular intentions, often within hours, members of our Prayer Line offer prayers with each person praying in his/her own way. Additional members who are available to answer their phones or email quickly to keep our Prayer Line going are always welcome.

Parish Office Volunteers

At times, volunteers are needed to perform general office tasks and/or answer phones and greet visitors. Training is provided.

Time Commitment: Volunteers — Four hours per month

Prison Outreach

On the third and fifth Sundays of each month, Deacon Ray and others attend and lead an interactive Liturgy of the Word Service for men incarcerated at the Carver County Jail in Chaska. This ministry of love and evangelism seeks to serve and encounter Christ in all our brothers.

Time commitment: Volunteers — 15 hours per year

Archbishop Harry Flynn Library

Join the Library Committee to help plan direction and growth for the future. Additional help is needed to label, categorize and update the online catalog. Donations of books and other materials are always welcome.

Time Commitment: Coordinator — One hour per week Volunteers — As needed

St. Victoria GIFT Shoppe

Join the GIFT Shoppe sales team after Masses. We’ve partnered with Seedlings Gifts & Books to provide Catholic and Christian products at affordable prices. Proceeds support our GIFT ministries.

Time Commitment: Volunteers — 20 minutes per quarter

Hot Off the Press

Bulletin stuffers meet on Friday mornings in the
parish office conference room to assemble inserts for the bulletin and enjoy a chance to connect with others while fulfilling this chore.

Time Commitment: Coordinator — One hour per month | Volunteers — 30 minutes most Friday mornings.

Catholic United Financial

Catholic United Financial has been part of St. Victoria for 122 years. Members have held rummage sales since 1986 raising $133,064 to sponsor classrooms. The organization also sells life insurance, annuities and other financial products along with offering college scholarships for members. Everyone is invited to be a member.

Time Commitment: Volunteers — Six hours per year

Arlo’s Safety Scouts

Helping St. Victoria stay safe is the mission of Arlo and his new ministry. Starting 15 minutes before Mass and continuing through Mass, the Safety Scouts will be a visible presence in the parking lot to assist the elderly or handicapped as well as provide support in the event of a health emergency. Training is provided for CPR and AED usage.

Time Commitment: Volunteers – 75 minutes per month